Index of NUTS levels

The NUTS-region are based on the existing national administrative subdivisions. In countries where only one or two regional subdivisions exist, or where the size of existing subdivisions is too small, a second and/or third level is created. This may be on the first level (ex. France, Italy, Greece, and Spain), on the second (ex. Germany) and/or third level (ex. Belgium).[12] In smaller countries, where the entire country would be placed on the NUTS 2 or even NUTS 3 level (ex. Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ireland), levels 1, 2 and/or 3 are identical to the level above and/or to the entire country.

The thresholds in the table below are used as guidelines for establishing the regions, but they are not applied rigidly.

Level Description Minimum Maximum
NUTS 0 Countries
NUTS 1 States 3 million 7 million
NUTS 2 Administrative regions within states 800.000 3 million
NUTS 3 Counties/districts and greater metropolitan areas 150.000 800.000